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Femme Cabal is Edmonton's Inclusive Girl Gang

Femme Cabal is an online network that aims to CONNECT,  SUPPORT and PROMOTE women.

We are a community created to celebrate and support women in their endeavours and provide a platform for personal growth and story sharing.

Like many great ideas, Femme Cabal was conceived during a ladies’ wine night. Three friends decided that there needed to be a place of support and resources for the every woman. Each had experienced their own woes as women in business, and they set out with one main goal in mind: provide a place where women can lift each other up. We are so lucky to live during a time when women are powerful members of society. We want to leverage the experience and expertise of the women in our community to make a difference in others’ lives. The concept of women helping women is at the root of our cause.

We are grounded in the simple belief that, as women, we are stronger together than apart.  Something must have brought you here.  Maybe it’s a story…  My boss asked me to change into a shorter skirt for my shift.  Maybe a question…  Was that sexual harassment?  Or a frustration…  My male subordinate is better paid than me.  Sometimes it’s a fear…  I’m coming off my maternity leave.  Will I still have a job?  And sometimes it’s not career related at all…  What’s the deal with breastfeeding?  We want you to know that you are not the only woman trying to tackle this thing called life.  Many have come before you and still more will come after.  

We are daughters, mothers, CEOs and engineers.  We are sisters, doctors, lawyers and unemployed.  We are students, teachers, leaders and followers.

We are women. We are 51%.

The internet has granted us the opportunity to no longer have to wander in solitude.  Femme Cabal provides a platform for women to share their stories and seek out existing resources to empower females in our community to do great things.  We are looking to partner with existing organizations and platforms in an effort to promote the cause.  We are using our platform to promote women-owned businesses in our local community.  We are searching for brave women to contribute their personal stories to our blog.  We are seeking members who push out our message on social media.  Femme Cabal aims to support ALL women.  We do not have the answers.  But what we are sure of is that the more access we have to the brilliant women and existing networks in our community who may have been there, and the more we support and encourage the women in our circles, the more likely we are to take a step forward.  As a group.

As a cabal.



All people* are invited to be a part of Femme Cabal. That includes EVERYONE, regardless of what you identify as. We have no tolerance for slut shaming, trans-bashing, or ANY kind of sexism.

*All animals are allowed too, especially puppies.

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