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A Day in the Life of a Stay At Home Mom in Edmonton

Lately I have found myself apologizing a lot for not getting things done. Or prioritizing the wrong thing (according to someone else). I’m asking myself, “If you’re home all day why can’t you get things done?” So today I’m going to take a photo every hour and outline all that I’ve done in that hour (because I know I’m busy) partly to account for my time to myself and partly to raise awareness about what a stay at home mom does.

From 7-8 am:

Get up with wake ups Get and feed morning bottles Mediate a toy fight Play paw patrol with Sloan Choose shows for Ellie Check flyers for sales (we’re going to do some shopping today) Cuddle Sloan and carry him around Try and count out 10 loonies (pictured); unsuccessful until Sloan got distracted by a show

8-9 am:

Make breakfast More Sloan cuddles Eat breakfast Make Ellie a different breakfast (I’m a sucker, and she promised to eat her first breakfast for lunch) Chase a boy to change his bum Surprise it’s a poop! Battle to clean him thoroughly Brush my teeth Research Christmas gift pricing

9-10 am:

Realize recycling wasn’t take out; take it out Play “French dog” (throwing a coaster between us while saying French dog) Play picnic Read and answer emails Dancing to some music Clean up another poop - that was a blowout

10-11 am:

Just trying to get out the door

Get dressed More dancing Put on makeup (a slower morning if I don’t mind help) Wash a peanut butter handprint and yesterday’s avocado handprint off the wall Put away laundry Get Sloan dressed Mediate a fight over a hiding spot Pack up snacks and a going out bag Support an impromptu recital (two hand clapping required) Do Ellie’s hair Get kids into car approved winter wear Track down and repackaged Sloan’s water bottle Get on mittens and boots Find my own coat and keys Leave Buckle up kids Drive to Walmart Talk about love and traffic.

11 am - 12 pm:

Try and make it through Walmart buying gifts for other kids Bribe them with McDonald’s Sloan falls in love with a red and a green pepper Get a cookie for Sloan. He doesn’t want it. I eat it. Get Sloan fries Kids were actually really well behaved and totally deserved the McDonald’s

Lunchtime/quiet time is always a gong show. I do love how excited Ellie was about making her Christmas list and how goofy Sloan was being in the sink:

12-1 pm:

Unload the car Sloan saved his tantrum over the toys for at home Make lunch for kids (Ellie didn’t want her sandwich, surprise surprise) Take a phone call Sloan starts playing in the sink including licking peanut butter off the breakfast plates and sucking on dish rags Wipe more walls Make my own lunch Get Ellie a show for her lunch Change Sloan because he’s soaked Make Sloan a bottle

1-2 pm:

Rock Sloan for his nap Eat my lunch. Even if it’s cold Ellie snuck another show and rather than fight her to stop, I take the extra 15 minutes to eat more (including Ellie’s dismissed sandwiches), tidy dishes Show Ellie how a pin works Tuck Ellie in and cuddle her for 3 minutes + a little bit longer Get drowsy cuddling so I take a nap

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a daytime nap. It took a bit to settle because I really felt like I should do some sewing for the Christmas gifts...but I got over it.

2-3 pm:

Sweet beautiful sleep (not pictured)

3-4 pm:

Wake up Get a show for Ellie Clean up some dishes Put away the earlier picnic Put away more laundry Clean Ellie’s room and generally straighten the house

Blurry & quick 4-5 pm:

Online shop the things the kids want for Christmas but couldn’t buy with them there Sloan cuddles & tickle poems Make a bottle RSVP to a birthday Sing songs, jump and dance

5-6 pm:

Put new undies on kids - Sloan wanted to wear all 4 pairs Have a banana Mediate toy disputes Check in with husband Cuddle and talk down big feelings Vacuum as per Sloan’s request Hold Sloan Get winter car clothes on again Drive over to the community pizza party

6-7 pm:

Arrive at community pizza party Get kids out of winter clothes Put winter clothes away & introduce kids to the toys (though they mostly do that on their own) Get pizzas and drinks Corral the kids to the pizzas Realize Sloan’s needs to be cut up Source a knife Eat the pizzas Help Sloan with his juice Get more for Sloan and me Socialize with neighbours Get dragged away by Sloan Make sure Sloan doesn’t eat any small toys Make sure Ellie doesn’t get trampled by the big kids that she loves Help clean up Cuddle a sleepy Sloan Chase down the kids from their fun to put their winter clothes on Pack the kids back in the car Drive home

7-8 pm:

Get wired kids into PJs Welcome a friend over Introduce the kids Change Sloan Ask Ellie to change herself Change Ellie myself Warm a bottle and tuck in Sloan Get Ellie watching a wind down show Decide that literacy can happen tomorrow and skip stories for both of them Chat with my friend Answer Ellie’s question about her show being weird Tuck Ellie into bed (cuddles, blankie tickles, cold water, flashlight, 5 things I love about her, hug and kiss) Get reminded that she didn’t brush her teeth Go back to give her a hug and kiss Relax & chat

Two closed doors. It’s quiet now.

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Oct 11, 2018

In addition to being an excellent mother, you should also declare yourself to be an excellent poet. Great post.

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