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I Have Been Complicit.

I have been complicit.

I have been privy to, laughed at, ignored, and even co-conspired in bad behaviour, particularly by men.

I have heard the stories of affairs and serial womanizing. I have been trusted with secrets that no one should know. I have watched people I know harass women. I have laughed when told about the sexual deviance of an acquaintance. I have ignored the suggestive messages from local married men who slide into my DMs. I have lied when others have asked me for details.

I have been complicit.

Time’s up. For me, for you.

From now on, I’m calling you out. I’m forwarding the messages to your wives. I’m sitting stone-faced at the shitty sexist jokes you tell. I’m intervening in your harassment. And I’m not keeping your secrets any longer.

Time’s up. Be good.



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