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Not Always a Sisterhood: The Craziest Stuff Kellyanne Conway Has Said

Kellyanne Conway is coming to Alberta.*

If you're a woman and not rejoicing about this you've probably had some comments thrown your way by the Pussy-grabberists in your life a la:

"But I thought you like strong smart women?"

"The mainstream media twists everything that she says. Show me proof of what she's said that's so offensive."

"She's highly educated and successful and speaks her mind. That doesn't make her a bitch."

"She's fought hard to eliminate the gender gap. She cares about women. She's an expert on what average women are feeling."

Etc., etc., etc...  I love how Pussy-grabberists, often men, try to turn any opposition women have towards Conway as an indictment of feminism. Like we're betraying the sisterhood because we just might hate Conway and everything she stands for.

We're not all the same. We don't necessarily agree or like each other because we have identifying as women in common.

What they don't get is that women learn at a very young age that there are a lot of mean girls in womankind. We're not all the same. We don't necessarily agree or like each other because we have identifying as women in common. There are women that work against the best interests of women. There are women that work only in their own interests. There are women that form exclusive cliques and put themselves at the top of them. We know this from grade school. We're all pretty used to womankind being flawed and complicated. If you have a trusted sisterhood you've likely worked really hard to be part of a group of amazing women that you trust and feel comfortable with. Not all women fit that bill.

So, is Kellyanne Conway intelligent and successful? Yup. Has she shattered a glass ceiling of sorts? Sure - it must be all sorts of fun being at the helm of a party that works against women and operating as the right hand of President Pussygrabber. Does she have a female following and her own sisterhood? Who knows. I don't care. At all. She's not my people. And I doubt she's yours because her very own words are aimed at harming women on the regular.

My favourite retort from the right is the, "Show me what she said that hasn't been distorted by the media. Prove it." You know, the post-truth era's favourite argument of shouting "there's no proof of that!" even though there is. So, challenge accepted on the "show me the proof" front. Here's some of the most harmful and hurtful stuff Kellyanne Conway has said (in my humble opinion). With actual sources that prove it.

And now for the proof...

1. Her rape comments. Conway has said that women wouldn't be raped if we were truly equal to men. She said we are not physically strong enough to prevent rape from happening to ourselves therfore we are not truly equal. Her exact words:

"If we were physiologically -- not mentally, emotionally, professionally -- equal to men, if we were physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist. You would be able to defend yourself and fight him off."

This is beyond a nonsensical statement to me. It disregards so much, no? In Conway's world apparently there are no women out there physically stronger than any man. In her world women are never raped when they are unconscious or otherwise incapacitated. In her reality gang rapes don't happen and apparently men don't ever rape other men because they're all equally strong. I. Can't. Even.

You can read more about her comments here - this article also has a link in it to the actual video clip from the show where she said this.

2. Here's a fun statement from Conway on abortion or, rather, her total dismissal of the need for abortion.

“There are very few Democratic women who can begin or finish a sentence without mentioning a ‘woman’s right to choose. There is a tremendous opening for the ‘whole women,’ if you will, to step up and run for office as a Republican. … What do you do every week gals, do you fill up the gas tank or do you have an abortion?“

You can read more about how Conway thinks that real "whole women" don't care about abortion rights and protection here and also here.

3. Conway also thinks that if you don't dress like a "proper lady" forget about success in the workforce. In her version of "leaning in" gel nails and high heels are mandatory. Her words:

“If women want to be taken seriously in the workforce, looking feminine is a good place to start.”

Check out this video clip and here's an article on the subject. The video clip is here  and here's an article on it.

4. Lastly, in case you were wondering, Conway's sisterhood has no room for Islamic women. You see, she's super pumped about Pussy-grabber's "five point plan to stop Islam." Yes, really. See this site complete with a video clip of her saying it.

Kellyanne Conway is not my sister. Not now. Not ever. And if you identify as female and scrutinize her words she's probably not yours either.

Editor's Note: Kellyanne Conway cancelled her trip to Alberta on January 7, 2017.


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